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I'm not a young man anymore. And even back in the day when I was young, my sex life was a mess.

Premature ejaculation has been a torture for me for as long as I have had any sex life at all. Back when I was about to have my first sexual encounter with a woman, I ejaculated into my pants as soon as I saw the girl's breasts. That was absolutely ridiculous. She was older than me and I am so grateful to her she kept it in secrecy - I would've been devastated if my classmates had discovered. That didn't relieve the premature ejaculation problem though. Each woman I've been with ever since, was just another piece of evidence of how useless I was during sexual intercourse.

I never knew what what had triggered my issue and, to be honest, I don't want to know. All I know is that it made most of my relationships miserable and even became the main reason for two breakups. None of these things made my problems go away, of course. I had pretty much always been an opponent of using sex pills, but after the second time a girlfriend broke up with me de to my premature ejaculation, I thought it was the only way to go.

While I was doing some searching online to find the least harmful and most natural medical solution for premature ejaculation, I stumbled across a web page which was selling an ebook about "male multiorgasmic skills". Apparently, it is possible for a man to have an orgasm and still maintain his erection. I had never encountered such a possibility and my common sense told me it had to be either a fraud or something so incredibly complicated that only a handful of men can manage. I am now so glad that I didn't follow my common sense.

I got desperate at this stage. I was willing to pay any amount of money within reason just to find a harmless and sensible answer to my ordeal. And here was this dude, Ian Kessler, selling a book on how a man could become "multiorgasmic" using no drugs or anything like that, for a ridicuously low price and with a 100% money return guarantee. I figured I'd despise myself if I didn't give this a chance and thus I bought the ebook.

That happened two months ago. In this time I have got a new girlfriend and I'm the happiest man on this planet. The sex we have is beyond incredible. If previously enduring five minutes in bed was a miraculous achievement for me, I now find it normal to make love for like an hour or even more. Sometimes we don't get out of bed for an entire day. My lady tells me that none of the younger men she has been with in the last few years had ever done so well in bed. Now this is nothing short of brilliant.

If you are a man who is tormented by premature ejaculation, definitely give this book a fair go. In case you are a woman who thinks her partner's sex skills can be best described as "sloppy", please give him this ebook. Letting people know about this method is the least I can do. You know, if this thing doesn't make your sex life better, then I have no idea what would.