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I am not in my twenties anymore. And even when I was young, my sex life was a mess.

Premature ejaculation has been a torture for me for as long as I have had any sex life at all. Back when I was supposed to lose my virginity, I ejaculated into my pants as soon as I touched the girl's breasts. That was absolutely the most embarrassing moment in my life up till then. She was older than me and thank god she kept the "accident" in secrecy - I would've been emotonally destroyed if my classmates had found out. That didn't sort out the premature ejaculation issue though. Each woman I've had sex with ever since, was just another piece of proof of how useless I was in bed.

I have no idea what was the reason behind my issue and, in all honesty, I don't want to know. What's certain however is that it turned all of my relationships miserable and actually was the main reason for several breakups. None of that made my problems go away, obviously. I had pretty much always been disapproving of using male performance pills, but after the third time a girlfriend dumped me de to my premature ejaculation, I convinced myself it was the only way to go.

As I was doing some research to find the least dangerous and least artificial medical answer for premature ejaculation, I came across a website which was selling a book on "male multiorgasmic skills". According to that website, it is possible for a man to have an orgasm and still keep his erection. I had never encountered such a thing and my common sense was telling me it had to be either a fraud or something so difficult that only a handful of men could achieve. I am now so happy that I didn't follow my common sense.

I was desperate by that point. I was willing to pay any money within my capabilities just to find a safe and sensible answer to my ordeal. And here was this dude, Ian Kessler, with a book on how a man could become "multi-orgasmic" using no drugs or anything like that, for a ridicuously low price and with a full satisfaction guarantee. I figured I'd hate myself if I didn't give this a try and so I bought the product.

That happened two months ago. I have found new love and I'm the happiest man in the world. Our sex is no less than amazing. If previously enduring five minutes during sex was a miraculous achievement for me, I now find it usual to make love for like an hour or even more. Occassionally, we don't get out of bed for the whole day. My lady says that not a single of the younger guys she has been with in the last couple of years had ever been so good in bed. This is nothing short of amazing.

If you are a man who is suffering from premature ejaculation, definitely give this ebook a try. If you are a woman who knows her man's sex skills can be best described as "sloppy", please give him this ebook. Telling other people about this product is the least I can do. If this thing doesn't make your sexual skills better, then I have no idea what would.