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It seems like nobody has ever heard of the muscle pubococcygeus. Fewer people yet realize what kind of potential it can hold for a man living an active sex life.

This muscle is located inside your body, in the pelvic region and is one of the muscles giving you the ability to pause urinating even if your bladder is still full. Due to its way of working, it is also this muscle that you can use in order to stop yourself from ejaculating during an orgasm. Thus, it is possible to have non-ejaculatory orgasms.

Non-ejaculatory orgasms?! Yep, that's right. I find it surprising how almost no men have ever encountered this. Nevertheless it is a skill which is absolutely learnable. It does not require anything extraordinary, expensive or harmful on your part, like pills, surgery or mechanical devices.

The muscle pubococcygeus is the key. After some practice, this muscle will allow you to stop your ejaculation in its tracks. Interestingly enough, doing this does not interfere with your orgasm! You don't come, but you nonetheless get your orgasm and you keep your erection!

This way, you can quite literally have sex for as long as you desire. Every time you are about to ejaculate, you contract your special muscle and keep on going. This is the capacity of the muscle pubococcygeus. This ability is all about practice and probably won't come overnight. However, it really isn't as difficult as one might think and should take only some 7-20 minutes a day.

Before you start, you have to locate this powerful muscle. You can try this. Go to the toilet when your bladder is reasonably full and start urinating. As soon as you have the flow going, simply pause the flow and hold it. You have probably done this thousands of times in your life, and it should be quite obvious how to do it. Now take note that in order to stop peeing, you had to squeeze the muscles in your pelvis. One of them is the muscle pubococcygeus.

Do exercise a couple more times until you are familiar with how to squeeze the muscles in your pelvic region to stop peeing. Now go take a seat on a chair and make yourself comfortable. Try contracting the muscles in your pelvic region as if you wanted to stop the flow of urine. Obviously you are not actually peeing this time, but you want to go through the same process with your pelvic muscles as when you stopped the flow of urine.

If you managed, that's great! You have made the first step towards achieving control over this amazing muscle. In case you don't understand how to contract the muscle, simply repeat the urination exercise described above and try to really get a feeling for the motion of the muscles in your pelvic region.

When you have "located" the muscle, the next phase is to begin training it. In many ways, working out this muscle is not unlike working out any other muscle in your body. However, that is nevertheless a huge topic and unfortunately I won't be able to cover it in this little article.

If you are interested in acquiring further skills, you can have a look at the website below this article for more information. The website provides a full programme on getting absolute control over the muscle pubococcygeus and further sexual skills.