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Everybody knows about women's multiple orgasm capabilities. Many women can achieve orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. But male multiple orgasm?! What on earth is that?!

Back when I first heard of the male multiple orgasm, I was flabbergasted. Not only that, I obviously felt extremely sceptical. If you happen to be a man reading this article, you know very well how it happens. You are making love to your woman, you get more and more excited and at one point all of the tension is suddenly released in a burst. There goes your arousal, there goes your erection. Fair enough, if you stay in bed for a little bit, you will get your erection back and can go for another round. But that takes time and often even feels more like an effort instead of pleasure. You probably know what I'm talking about, right?

Anyway, while looking for some material on how to "satisfy my girlfriend", I totally by accident stumbled upon this book that claimed to teach guys the certainly very rare ability called "male multiple orgasm". Even though I expected it to be a complete scam, I nonetheless decided to give it a try. Besides, the person who wrote the Male Multiple Orgasm book, Ian Kessler, gives his customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so I figured I had essentially nothing at stake.

Thus I got myself the book. It's an eBook, so I got the download link immediately after the payment. It wasn't too long and was pretty straightforward. I got through it in a single sitting and got following the method.

Fast forward two weeks and I found it hard believe what I was doing! I would be making love to my girlfriend, I would get an orgasm and after that I would simply keep having sex with my girlfriend. The first time I did this, as soon as I had my orgasm, my girlfriend was ready to get out of bed. She had this "you finished too early... just like the last time" look on her face. She didn't realise that I was hard even after the orgasm! Oh, how I enjoyed the moment when her judging expression changed to the "what the hell?" look! I just kept on having sex with her. It was definitely the best night of passion we had in months. Afterwards, she even cried on my shoulder, she was so moved by our emotional and physical connection.

Another two weeks later, today, I feel like I am the king. I own sex. I can control my excitement and my orgasms the way I want. Sex has developed into so much more than a five minute game of "who finishes first". I can give my girlfriend all the orgasms she didn't get until I acquired my male multiple orgasm abilities. That is because now I have all the time in the world to satisfy her in bed while maintaining my erection. She says I'm the best lover she has had in her life (and she's had many).

I am so grateful for my new abilities and my regained sex life, that I just know I have to let other people know and that's the reason I wrote this article. If you think your sex life is lacking because you simply aren't able to last sufficiently long and you don't want to resort to use artificial methods, I highly suggest you have a look at this book.

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