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All of us have heard about women's multiorgasmic abilities. Very many women can have orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. But male multiple orgasm?! How is that supposed to work?!

Back when I first encountered the idea of male multiple orgasm, I was astounded. Not only that, I was extremely sceptical. If you happen to be a man reading this, you would know from you own experience how male orgasm works. You are making love to your woman, you get more and more excited and at one point it all gets released in a burst. There goes your sexual excitement, there goes your boner. Fair enough, if you remain in bed for a while, you'll get your erection back and can have sex again. However the refractory period takes time and often even seems more like an effort rather than pleasure. You probably know what mean, don't you?

Anyhow, as I was searching for some material on how to "better please my woman", I completely by accident came upon this website that claims to teach guys the apparently very rare ability called "male multiple orgasm". Even though I thought it would be a complete scam, I nevertheless decided to give it a chance. After all the guy who wrote the Male Multiple Orgasm book, Ian Kessler, gives his customers a full satisfaction guarantee, so I figured I had pretty much nothing at stake.

Thus I acquired the book. It's an e-book, so I received the download link immediately after the transaction. The material wasn't too long and was very straightforward. I got through it in one day and got doing the exercises.

A couple of weeks later I found it hard believe what I was doing! I would be having sex with my girlfriend, I would get an orgasm and then I would just keep having sex with my girlfriend. The first time I did this, as soon as I had an orgasm, my girlfriend was about to to get out of bed. She had this "you finished too fast... again" look on her face. She didn't realize that I was still rock-hard! Boy, how I loved when her disappointed look changed to the "what on earth?.." look! I simply kept on having sex with her. It was the best night we had together in months. Later, she even had tears in her eyes, she was so moved by our closeness.

Another two weeks later, today, I feel like I am a master of sex. I own sex. I can control my excitement and my orgasms the way I want. Sex has developed into so much more than a five minute game of "who finishes first". I can give my woman all the orgasms she has been missing out on before I achieved my male multiple orgasm abilities. It's because now I have all the time I need to blow her mind her in bed without losing my erection. She is now telling me I'm the best lover she has had in her life (and she's had many).

I am so thankful for my new skills and my new sex life, that I just know I have to let other people know and that's why I wrote this article. If you feel your sex life sucks because you simply can't last long enough and you don't want to resort to pills, I highly suggest you have a look at this book.

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