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If you're unable to last long enough when making love to please your partner or to be happy with sex yourself, I know what that feels like. I've been where you are now.

However, let me quickly tell you about myself and how I turned into a multi orgasmic man who can have sex for as long as he wants.

For years I've been a total failure in bed. Often I would simply come within a couple of minutes of starting sex. I often avoided sexual encounters just so that I didn't need to deal with the embarassement of my inability to perform.

Then I stumbled upon the idea of "male multiorgasm".

Have you ever heard that you could have an orgasm ,avoid ejaculating and simply keep on going? Well, I didn't know that either.

I discovered the concept when I came across Male Multiple Orgasm by Ian Kessler - an e-book that tells men how to master male multiple orgasm. Of course, a skill such as that would let me last longer in bed and give tons of pleasure to both my lady and myself.

Of course, I had my doubts.

As much as I couldn't stand the thought of paying for an ebook, I nevertheless chose to give it a try. I suppose what really pushed me to make the decision was the full money back guarantee mentioned on the website of the ebook.

You know, I couldn't have made a wiser decision. The stuff was brilliant, clear in writing style and nothing like I've ever seen in terms of the core ideas.

I started doing the exercises straight away and in less than three weeks managed to hold back my ejaculation. And at that point I had my first male multiorgasm.

After just one more week of practicing I was able to last longer in bed than I ever had. I don't mean 15 minutes or something like that. At that point I, for the first time in my whole life, was able to make love to my woman for more than an hour in a row.

Now I mean proper sexual intercourse.

How about that? Seriously, I now remember how I used to be in bed and... it's just not me!

It's not that I simply last longer in bed than the average guy. As a practitioner of male multiorgasm, I find myself in complete control of my sex abilities. My girlfriend says she's never had a guy who was so good in bed. I say to myself: "And probably never will..."

Okay, my message is: man, develop male multiple orgasm. You will never have have to face the question of how to last longer in bed again.