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In case you're incapable of lasting sufficiently long during sex to satisfy your woman or even yourself, I know what it feels like. I've been there.

Just allow me to quickly tell you my story and how I turned into a multiorgasmic man that can last for hours if he so wishes.

I was a complete loser. Often I would simply come within a few minutes of starting sexual intercourse. I often avoided having sex just so that I wouldn't have to deal with the humiliation of my sexual ineptitude.

One day I came across the idea of "male multiple orgasm".

Did you know that you can have an orgasm ,avoid ejaculating and just keep on going? No, I didn't know that either.

That was until I came across Male Multiple Orgasm by Ian Kessler - a book that teaches men to become "multiorgasmic". Surely, an ability such as that would give me a way to last longer in bed and give much more pleasure to both my partner and myself.

Naturally, I had my doubts.

As much as I despised the idea of spending money on an electronic book, I nevertheless chose to give it a try. I guess what really pushed me to make the decision is the 100% money back guarantee mentioned on the website of the product.

I couldn't have made a better decision. The stuff was brilliant, clear in style and nothing like I've ever seen in terms of the core ideas.

I started practicing right away and in under three weeks was able to hold off my ejaculation. And at that point I achieved my very first male multiple orgasm.

After just one more week of exercising I would last longer in bed than I ever could. And I'm not talking about 10 minutes or anything like that. After that week I, for the first time in my entire life, managed to make love to my woman for more than an hour without stopping.

And I mean proper sexual intercourse.

How about that? You know, I now remember what it was like for me in bed and... it's just not me!

It's not that I simply last longer in bed than the average guy. As a practitioner of male multiorgasm, I find myself in complete control of my sexual skills. My girlfriend tells me she has never had a guy who was so good in bed. I say to myself: "And quite likely never will..."

Okay, my message is: man, master male multiple orgasm. You'll never have a problem of how to last longer in bed again.