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Lasting longer in bed is an issue for very many men. I have personally known quite several men that had terrible personal life just because they would ejaculate within a minute or two, leaving both themselves and their woman unsatisfied.

It's typical for men in such situations to resort to all sorts of artificial methods of handling the problem. Men tend to try medicines, herbs or all sorts of creams to rub on their penis, supposedly in order to diminish their arousal and to be able to make love longer.

Many of the "ejaculation techniques" that are available are outright stupid! One of the best examples is the recommendation to "think about something else". So, you are having sex with your woman, becoming all excited and now you are supposed to think about the next big baseball game or your current project at work? Why on earth would you be having sex at all in that case?!

The reality is, all you need to seriously and dramatically improve your sexual life, are some adequate ejaculation techniques. Ejaculation and orgasm are not just something that simply happens magically - it is something that can be totally within your control. The secret is simply about getting the correct information.

It's important to realise that you don't require any sort of medication to last longer in bed. You also don't need to use any kind of creams. And you most certainly don't have to follow ridiculous advice such as "don't think about sex while you're having it" or "switch to a different sexual position". If you can't be entirely in the moment while having sex or can't have sex in any position you want, then that sex is not worth having.

My advice to you is : get information on good ejaculation techniques and get your ejaculation under your control. This procedure is completely natural and doesn't even have to be difficult if you get the correct information.

A good way to go about getting your orgasms and erection under your control is to begin exercising your PC muscle. The PC muscle is the one you use in order to stop peeing. By learning to contract the muscle consciously and by "working out" when you have a few minutes, you will massively improve your capacity to keep your ejaculation under control.

But did you know this: it is actually possible for a man to become multiorgasmic! Meaning, you can have all the orgasms you want and still maintain your erection! For some strange reason, this method is almost totally unknown among the male population. In fact, it's pretty easy to acquire.

In case what you really want is to take your sexual skills to a completely different level, I suggest you teach yourself male multiorgasmic abilities. Have a look at the website mentioned below this article. It has a full course on male multiple orgasm and all the good ejaculation techniques, plus some other great stuff. I have used it myself and don't even want to look back at the sex life I used to have.