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Pretty much any man who lives a sexually active life would like to be able to last longer when making love to his woman. Unfortunately, few of them really do something about it. I suspect the main reason for this is a lack of correct information about proper ejaculation control methods and a plenty of bad information.

It is well understood that the reason a man finishes prematurely is that during sex his arousal rises too quickly, he can't keep it under control, he wounds up ejaculating and therefore losing his erection. Therefore, what needs to be achieved, is ejaculation control. If you don't ejaculate - you won't lose your erection. This means you can make love for ages, as long as you don't ejaculate.

The awesome thing is, achieving ejaculation control can, in fact, be fairly easy. It's not some strange skill you have to be born with or something you have to meditate on for 30 years before you master it. No, in fact, it's just a matter of doing a few exercises that barely take any time commitment at all and then practicing ejaculation control during actual intercourse.

It's true that there exist plenty of pills and creams out there which are meant to increase men's sexual aptitude. However, almost none of them are FDA approved. That is a definite sign to stay away from them.

Ejaculation control exercises, however, are natural and harmless. The key factor is the PC muscle, which is a hammock-like muscle going through your pelvic region from the pubic bone to the backbone. If trained properly, this muscle can be employed to hold off your ejaculation during an orgasm.

Yes, that's correct - you can have an orgasm without ejaculating! As a consequence, you retain your erection after the orgasm. This is called a non-ejaculatory orgasm.

I find it insane that almost nothing is known to the general public about ejaculation control methods and more specifically, about non-ejaculatory orgasms. That despite what kind of an impact they can have on a man's sexual abilities. Acquiring the skill to have non-ejaculatory orgasms can essentially transform you into a master of sex. And that in a matter of a couple of weeks if not less. This skill is also called the male multiple orgasm, since a man who can have non-ejaculatory orgasms can have as many of them as he desires, while maintaining his erection.

The crucial aspect of mastering male multiple orgasm is working out your PC muscle. There are also some other aspects of men's sexuality that a man should pay attention to if he wants to acquire complete ejaculation control. This article is meant simply to introduce you to the idea of male multiple orgasm, as well as to let you know that this sort of thing is a reality.

If you would like to find out more about what you can do to master male multiple orgasm, I urge you to check out the website right after this article. The course on the website covers all you need to know to achieve this amazing skill and to take your personal life to an entirely different level.