Sexual Confidence - The Secret Behind Being Confident With Women

by Mike D. Larouge

Women love a sexually confident guy. They can almost smell sexual confidence across the room. They have an instant sense for it. They know it in a guy before they even talk to him. I would know, I have the guts to say I'm one of these guys.

That was a pretty bold statement, wasn't it? But really, I know it because I know what the other end of the spectrum feels like. Just a while ago I was a complete wuss when dealing with women. I would be intimidated and pretty much "owned" by women, especially the really attractive ones. I wouldn't have any confidence to flirt with them and came off as a total geek.

You know where my sexual confidence comes from? Quite simple: from knowing I can easily please any woman in bed. Guys don't realize this, but actually just knowing that you can take a lady home and completely blow her mind in bed is the number one confidence booster. It affects all of your interaction with women. When you have sexual confidence, you know that if she blows you off, that's her loss, not yours.

Do you know why I know for certain that I can please any woman in bed? Because I'm multiorgasmic. That's right, I have achieved the skill called male multiple orgasm. Never heard of it? Guess what, most men haven't!

Multiorgasmic means that a man can have several orgasms in a row without losing his erection in between. You can learn this skill. In fact, it's pretty easy. I learned it from an ebook that I found online (see below this article).

Being a multiorgasmic man means I can last for hours in bed, if I so choose. Which in turn means, I can give the lady a ton of orgasms in one single night, in one single session. And that's what gives me the confidence when I'm in a social situation around women. I can flirt, I can be sexual, and nobody "owns" me.

I'm telling you guys, there's no better boost for your sexual confidence than the knowledge that you have the skill to back up what comes out of your mouth. Get good in bed. Really, I mean it. That will solve so many problems in your life, you will never want to look back. I feel like a different person now and man does it feel good.

The course that I used to become multiorgasmic is linked right after this article. Get it. Seriously, get it. If you really need to feel safe, it's got a money back guarantee and whatnot. But really, if you don't get good in bed, you'll suck at sexual communication and will just keep on wussing around women and nothing good will ever happen in your personal life. Do yourself a favor.

Mike D. Larouge
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Date published: 2009-12-07

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